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Stronghold(без перевода)


“We walk our own path, alone.”Stronghold Town

Country / kingdom:

The Pao islands (an archipelago in the Jade Sea).

Capital city:



Though the Orcs have no god, their Shamans pay homage to "Mother Earth" and "Father Sky", two powerful spirits they meet when they travel into their "Dream World".

By combining demon blood, human flesh, and other things best not spoken of, the wizards of the Seven Cities created a “mutant” race of “shock-troopers”: the Orcs. Half-brothers to the Demons, the Orcs were trained from birth to become their ultimate nemesis. They would eventually defeat the Demons and push them back to their prison-world.

As a reward for their tremendous acts of courage, the peoples of Ashan decided to make them… slaves! At the time of the Second Eclipse, the Orcs have gained their freedom and divided themselves into three separate tribes: some went north-east to the plains of Ranaar, other exiled themselves deep south in the perilous deserts of Sahaar and the rest sailed south-east across the Jade Sea, to settle in the Pao islands.

The recent events

It’s been almost a century since the Orcs broke their chains, led by Kunyak the Liberator. Yet, their new-found freedom is still fragile and the greatest danger may actually come from within. Since the death of Kunyak, the Orc nation has lost its unity and is now divided into countless small tribes scattered on the Pao islands.

Since the death of Kunyak, the Orc nation has lost its unity and is now divided into countless small tribes scattered on the Pao islands.

The tribes are fighting each other, and some unscrupulous Orc chieftains are not above selling their own kind (defeated enemies but also "weak" members of their society) as slaves in exchange for power and fortune…

Stronghold warfare: “Rush now, think later!”

Orcs were created as shock troops to fight Demons, and their tactics reflect this. Lightly armored and heavily armed, they rush straight at the enemy, counting on their numbers, speed, ferocity and toughness to break the lines of the opposing army without suffering too many casualties. Due to their origins, Orcs are naturally resistant to magic and especially to magic wielded by Demons (fire, possession, illusions…).

Military strengths:

Frontload damage, high mobility, magic-proof.

Military weaknesses:

Poor support abilities, tactically limited.

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