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The HOMM5 artwork
The HOMM5 artwork
Here are all the most interesting artwork images, on the base of which the Heroes of Might and Magic V game was produced. You can see how some of the designs changed or evolved.

Moderator's note: QP applied for endless contribution and help with cleaning.

Nival Interactive:

Creatures (two images for the Gargoyle, one for the Naga and two for the Rakshasa Raja):

Heroes (two different designs for the Wizard and a more detailed image):


Creatures (Minotaur Guard, Hydra, Shadow Matriarch and the Black Dragon, note that the Dragon is green, so that the modelers and texturers can see the detail better):

Heroes (the Warlock of course):

Structures (a whole overview of the town, it got changed a bit though):


Creatures (Crossbowman, Vindicator, Battle Griffin and Inquisitor):


Creatures (Familiar and two versions of the Succubus):

Heroes (two different designs for Agrael and one for Biara, note these are reference images for the modelers and texturers not the portraits made by Ubisoft for the world creation process):


Creatures (Skeleton, Bone Dragon):

Heroes (Necromancer):

Structures (Castle, I do not know about you, but I just love the details in this one):


Creatures (Goblins, Slayer, Executioner, Wyvern and Paokai):

Structures (some random never used buildings):


Creatures (Druid Elder, Green Dragon and Emerald Dragon):

Heroes (a look on how the Ranger evolved, and a detailed look on the unicorn):


Creatures (Wolf, Fire Elemental, Fire Bird and Phoenix):

Environment (Desert, Mausoleum, Palace, Ritual Hall):

Items (two versions of the Cloak of Sylanna, Crown of Leader, Cursed Ring, Helm of Chaos, Horn of Plenty, Ring of Caution, Ring of Machine Affinity, Sandals of the Blessed):

Structures (Elemental Conflux which is one of my favorite designs, Garrison, Naga Temple, Stables and Tavern):


Note that this is mostly reference art for Nival, to get the proper feeling of the game.






Sanctuary (the Nagas):



Other (Troll and a Werewolf):

New World Computing:

Some images from the now non existent Heroes of Might and Magic V game, produced by NWC.

Fairy Town (the lineup is: Sprite, Elf, Werewolf, Sphinx, Green Dragon and Phoenix):


Haven (Archer, Squire, Pikeman, Crusader, Cleric, Champion):

Lizard Town (Lizardman Mage, Archer, Hydra, Wyvern and Black Dragon) :

Necropolis (Vampire and a town, basic and fully established):

Other (Valkyrie, goes with a chariot, Harpy, Minotaur, Cyclops, Warlock, Wizard Keep, Lumber Mill, Ore Rafinery):


Источник: http://heroescommunity.com/
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